13 Feb

Alfa Jango Blog – The Difference Between jQuery’s .bind(), .live(), and .delegate()

The difference between .bind(), .live(), and .delegate() is not always apparent. Having a clear understanding of all the differences, though, will help us write more concise code and prevent bugs from popping up in our interactive applications.

via Alfa Jango Blog – The Difference Between jQuery’s .bind(), .live(), and .delegate(). I was pretty well versed in the differences between bind and live, but delegate I was mostly unfamiliar with, it sounds like a useful tool.

29 Nov

David Walsh Blog – WebSocket and Socket.IO

My favorite web technology is quickly becoming the WebSocket API. WebSocket provides a welcomed alternative to the AJAX technologies we’ve been making use of over the past few years. This new API provides a method to push messages from client to server efficiently and with a simple syntax. Let’s take a look at the HTML5 WebSocket API: it’s use on the client side, server side, and an outstanding wrapper API called Socket.IO.

via David Walsh Blog – WebSocket and Socket.IO. Really great instructional and demo of a neat technology.

08 Apr

prettyLoader – No Margin For Errors

You know, when you do an ajax call and you never quite know where to position your loader. prettyLoader takes care of that for you, by default, prettyLoader will “hook” to the jQuery ajax function and display a nice spinning circle next to the mouse cursor and hide it once the ajax call is complete, neat no?

via prettyLoader | Stéphane Caron – No Margin For Errors. Very nice though personally I prefer using a basic ajax loading icon and replacing the form with a standard size (typically 32 pixels square) loading icon.

06 Dec

Secret Santa Project

It’s the holiday season and that means you are buying a lot of gifts and probably along the way doing at least one gift exchange. Probably the most well known of these (at least here in the US) is Secret Santa.

My family does Secret Santa amongst ourselves and this year I decided to modernize it by writing a simple php script that would shuffle the names and emails and send an email to each person telling them who they had.

It all worked really well except for the emailing part, they kept going into the spam folder. So that was a bust.

Last night however I had some free time and I took that script and updated it into a quite nice and simple web app (and no longer do emails go into the spam folder).

You can try the code out at http://secret.yostivanich.com/ or download the whole package here.

Included in this package is unmodified versions of Blueprint CSS Framework and PHPMailer. The rest of code there is all mine and is under a href=”http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php”>MIT License, essentially do whatever you want with my code.

I’ll work on a a couple of tutorials to walk though what I what did over the next few posts, till then have fun.