02 Apr

Starbucks Coffee Company – What’s New

Well now it is that easy, inspired by your ideas on MyStarbucksIdea.com we’re proud to introduce the exciting new Starbucks® Mobile Pour service that puts baristas on scooters. In seven of the largest cities around the country, we’re sending out two scooter baristas per every square mile to ensure speedy service.

We’ve even made ordering easy with our Mobile Pour app for your smartphone. Simply download it, allow it to pinpoint your location, select your coffee order and keep walking. Your fresh, hot Starbucks brew will be in your hands before you can say abra-arabica.

What’s more, the Starbucks® Mobile Pour is only the first exciting development of our new mobile replenishment strategy. In the coming months we’ll be introducing several other exciting (can you say "mall" and "rollerblades") initiatives that make getting your Starbucks coffee easier than ever.

via Starbucks Coffee Company – What’s New. Pretty good April Fool’s joke by Starbucks, though seriously imagine how awesome this would be.

03 Apr

Behind The Scenes Of YouTube’s ASCII Prank – TechCrunch

So how did YouTube convert all of its videos to streaming lines of text? The company leveraged a piece of its existing and seemingly unrelated technology: their 3D video player. Engineer Peter Bradshaw, who is behind the site’s 3D viewer, says that fellow engineer Blake Livingston adapted his work with Adobe’s Pixel Bender (which is used to achieve the 3D effect) to convert the videos into ASCII.

via Behind The Scenes Of YouTube’s ASCII Prank. This is incredibly cool feature.