08 Jan

NPR – Congresswoman, 6 Others, Killed By Gunman

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and six others died after a gunman opened fire at a public event on Saturday, the Pima County, Ariz., sheriff’s office confirms. The 40-year-old Democrat was outside a Tucson grocery store when a gunman ran up and began firing indiscriminately. The suspect was taken into police custody.

The 40-year-old Democrat, who was re-elected to her third term in November, was hosting a "Congress on Your Corner" event at a Safeway in northwest Tucson when a gunman ran up and started shooting, according to Peter Michaels, news director of Arizona Public Media.

via NPR – Congresswoman, 6 Others, Killed By Gunman. I may be over-reacting but in this case it looks like the suspect was targeting the Congresswoman for a political assassination. If true, this is not a healthy attitude for anyone. Political disagreements should never be resolved through violence.

This was also one of the House Democrats that Sarah Palin through SarahPac “targeted” with croshairs over their district: http://twitpic.com/3o7cti. Also Sarah Palin is reportedly deleting posts that carried this rhetoric, which is a little silly the internet always remembers and deleting her copies doesn’t delete everyone else who reported on it, etc.

Update: Sharron Angle former Republican candidate who went up against Senator Harry Reid, who claimed that if things don’t work out at the “ballot box” Americans should turn to a “Second Ammedment remedy”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU9GXil9Vm8

Update 2: Rep. Giffords was not killed today, at least as of writing, she was however severely wounded and is in critical condition.

01 Aug

The New Yorker – The real numbers on illegal immigration

In fact those numbers are surprising: they are sharply down, according to the Border Patrol—by more than sixty per cent since 2000, to five hundred and fifty thousand apprehensions last year, the lowest figure in thirty-five years. Illegal immigration, although hard to measure, has clearly been declining. The southern border, far from being “unsecured,” is in better shape than it has been for years—better managed and less porous. It has been the beneficiary of security-budget increases since September 11th, which have helped slow the pace of illegal entries, if not as dramatically as the economic crash did. Violent crime, though rising in Mexico, has fallen this side of the border: in Southwestern border counties it has dropped more than thirty per cent in the past two decades. It’s down in Senator McCain’s Arizona. According to F.B.I. statistics, the four safest big cities in the United States—San Diego, Phoenix, El Paso, and Austin—are all in border states.

via The New Yorker – The real numbers on illegal immigration. The New Yorker does some slapping around of politicians who just outright lie in an effort to create fear.

23 Jun

NYTimes.com – On Border Violence, Truth Pales Compared to Ideas

It is a connection that those who support stronger enforcement of immigration laws and tighter borders often make: rising crime at the border necessitates tougher enforcement.

But the rate of violent crime at the border, and indeed across Arizona, has been declining, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as has illegal immigration, according to the Border Patrol. While thousands have been killed in Mexico’s drug wars, raising anxiety that the violence will spread to the United States, F.B.I. statistics show that Arizona is relatively safe.

via NYTimes.com – On Border Violence, Truth Pales Compared to Ideas. Once again perception and idealougy trumps facts.