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  • What Should A New WordPress Blogger Do?

    This question is sparked within me for two reasons, two new bloggers entered the world. One, the company that I work for has a blog that is relatively new (blog.accade.com), and my g/f is working on launching a blog. Find a really good domain name and keep it. If you don’t have a domain name […]

  • Anonymous Comments and Comments with Meaningless Names are the Same Thing

    I recently had a friend recommend an artist (who is someone that they personally know). No problem, that’s the whole point of friends, doing stuff and letting other people know about it. However going to the CDBaby site of the artist, and taking a look at the reviews of the music I get this: Even […]

  • Disqus Now Includes Facebook

    Disqus now has the ability to log in to leave comments via Facebook. So now down where there is that comment section, just sign in using your Facebook account and comment away. I have really enjoyed using Disqus as it lets me see where else have people commented and creates an easy way to have […]