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MSDN Blogs – Metro style browsing and plug-in free HTML5

Microsoft gets on the Flash is a dead end train.

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Mozilla Add-ons Blog – Improving Add-on Performance

Nice, that’s a great thing for users, start publishing information regarding the performance of add-ons and start trying to convince programmers to be more intelligent in building add-ons.

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24 ways – My CSS Wish List

Count me in for every one of these.

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Daring Fireball – How to Judge the Battle Between Apple and Adobe Regarding Flash

What to consider a win for Adobe or Apple.

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Modern Thoughts On Open Source

Open source is infrastructure for the modern internet and thus really modern computing.

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Firefox vs. Chrome

PC World yesterday ran a piece on Chrome and Firefox, comparing the two and essentially Firefox was dead and Chrome was going to win the latest browser battle. Run Chrome and Firefox side-by-side, and Firefox is embarrassingly slow. It’s not

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Firefox Code Base Analysis

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, that has gathered just over 11% of the internet browser market, an impressive movement for a browser that has to be physically downloaded onto a person’s computer and is not known outside of

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