27 Sep

Vivek Haldar – Size is the best predictor of code quality

A long paper trail of software engineering studies has shown that many internal code metrics (such as methods per class, depth of inheritance tree, coupling among classes etc.) are correlated with external attributes, the most important of which is bugs. What the authors of this paper show is that when they introduce a second variable, namely, the total size of the program, into the statistical analysis and control for it, the correlation between all these code metrics and bugs disappears.

via Vivek Haldar – Size is the best predictor of code quality. Essentially length of code tied with code metrics becomes a reasonable predictor of bugs.

31 Jan

Everybody Take a Step Back and Breathe

Want to know what happened on the internet today?

Oh and that isn’t even half of the articles that I know of published, I’ve seen a few of the actual news orginaztions one’s start coming across including WSJ and NYT.

This is ridiculous, sure Google is a big company, that does a lot of searches especially in the US (roughly 70% currently). But seriously the entire internet and the people writing on it seemed to have a freak out. Guess what Google makes mistakes as does every other company on the face of the earth, most especially software companies, think of Apple and the original MobileMe mess, or Microsoft and well Microsoft.

This occured for roughly an hour at most for any one customer and most likely less than 40 minutes. It also occured early on a Saturday morning, a time when I doubt the vast majority of the public is online. I wasn’t online and even if I was I doubt I would have even noticed. Sure I use Google a lot, I have in a typical day roughly 30+ searches recorded by Google, today already Google shows that I’ve searched 40 different times. But really is it worth it for the entire internet to freak out?