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Meetup Talk on The CakePHP 3 ORM: Even More Awesome Than You Realize

Meetup talk for PHP Vegas covering some interesting aspects of the CakePHP 3 ORM.

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Lynda Course – Learn CakePHP 3: The Basics

Lynda.com is a website that provides online training courses in a variety of subject materials. I’ve been honored to work with them on now three separate courses. The latest one went up earlier this month, it covers some of the

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CakePHP 3.0, Use It In Pieces

One of the key goals of CakePHP 3.0 as discussed recently was making CakePHP 3.0 more decoupled. CakePHP 3.0 has achieved that goal very nicely. Take a look at the CakePHP organization’s repos on GitHub and you will find a

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Meetup Talk on CakePHP 3.0: The Cake Isn’t a Lie and It Tastes Delicious

Meetup talk covering the basics of CakePHP 3.0.

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