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  • Geek Behaviors Present During Conversations – Philip Guo

    Geek behaviors during communication.

  • On Popularity

    Popularity is decided by the time you leave middle school and is rarely possible to change after this point.

  • Because I Don’t Know Enough About Geek Culture

    So go and find out more about Geek Culture. It does include me all in there technology/debate/Star Wars. Geek is really just another term for someone who is overly enthused about a certain subject area.

  • Your Rules Aren’t My Rules

    Here is the problem that I see with a lot of the evangelical right. They seem to think that their rules are all of sudden my rules. Here’s a hint, they aren’t. A great example is this ad for a rentor. The ad includes such wonderful rules as the main lights in the apartment are […]

  • The Chasm Will Never Be Crossed

    A recent blog post on technology adoption made it’s way to me. The premise of the post is the idea that technology is starting to become so ubiquitous that youth are accepting technology without any hesitation or any great caution. Ummm, no. This is the same sort of theory that has been passed around from […]

  • The Rise of the Generalist

    Recently Steve Rubel posted about What’s the Future Like for a “Renaissance Man” in a Connected World?. In this post he discuses how even though we would think that with the internet an individual could have broad knowledge about the world, instead people specialize in their particular area of expertise. He then says that he […]