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We Won’t Fly – Homeland Security Trolling We Won’t Fly Blog

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security employees isn’t happy with We Won’t Fly.

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Skepticblog – The Reasonableness of Weird Things

People believe in irrational things because they accept the evidence for it, they just typically don’t access all of the evidence or the evidence that is more accurate.

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Friendly Atheist – An Iowa College’s Response to Blasphemy Day

Freedom of speech is important for people to feel free to critique any idea even one as personal as religion.

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Because I Don’t Know Enough About Geek Culture

So go and find out more about Geek Culture. It does include me all in there technology/debate/Star Wars. Geek is really just another term for someone who is overly enthused about a certain subject area.

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Calling Something Factual, Doesn’t Make It Magically Factual

Specifically, this is another time in which I call out Republicans for their lack of attention to basic logic and understanding of facts. I received an email tonight from the RNC regarding Obama, Congress and the organization ACORN. In this

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My response to Glen Beck’s silly “We surround them”

Glen Beck not too long ago did a silly little thing in which he posted a list of 9 statements and said that if you believe in them to send in a picture for him to do display them or

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One isn’t Many and Many isn’t All

One of the arguments that I hear for why people express an -ism belief (racism, sexism, ageism, etc), is that they had this experience with this one person and you know that must be how everyone of that particular group

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Criticizing America

Recently there has been a political storm brewing over Reverend Wright. This man was Senator Obama’s former pastor and his sermons are to put it bluntly rather controversial. Here is a video of one them receiving the most coverage from

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