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  • Democrats May Drop Medicare Expansion

    Well ok then to quote Marco who sums it up better that I ever could. Democrats (in power): We want to pass this bill that makes a lot of sense. It would help a lot of people and it’s supported by the majority of the population. Republicans: No. You need to compromise. Democrats: OK. Well, […]

  • Calling Something Factual, Doesn’t Make It Magically Factual

    Specifically, this is another time in which I call out Republicans for their lack of attention to basic logic and understanding of facts. I received an email tonight from the RNC regarding Obama, Congress and the organization ACORN. In this email the GOP makes the claim that “It seems the Obama Administration has plans to […]

  • Abortion Should Be Rare

    Feministing has a post up today regarding abortion and the Democrats new platform (PDF warning) for the 2008 election. The whole of the article essentially focuses on how “safe, legal and rare” has become “safe and legal”. My main area of concern is as follows: The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade […]