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Freedom to Tinker – NJ election cover-up

Just plain scary a whole election result considered null and void, no idea what happened, who to blame or how to fix the problem.

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NBC News – Just 32% of Tea Party candidates win

Just a reminder don’t get to carried away with delusions of grandeur.

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FiveThirtyEight – The Most Overrated Concept in Elections Analysis: Momentum

FiveThirtyEight takes on the concept that because polls move in one direction in the past, they continue to move in that same direction.

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Travel Day

Today I’m in DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) for work, and I have a bunch of thoughts running through my head about different things, so this is a post without any real clear topic, but more of a ramble of what’s going

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You Should Educate Yourself and Vote, or maybe not

I was thinking about this little thing we have coming up in the US, that well is dominating everything. The Presidential election and at first I was going to urge that you should educate yourself and then go and vote

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This Republican Party Bothers Me

(I am a registered independent and my views align with the Libertarian, Republican, and Democratic Parties, yes, all at once. I consider myself a social libertarian, something I conjured up on my own to explain my views, which are too

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What If We Let Iraq’s Decide To Stay The Course Or Not?

I read some two interesting article that got me thinking about a possible solution to Iraq. What if we let the Iraq’s decide if the US should stay the course in Iraq or pull out? I know radical idea letting

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