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A fun journey through algorithms to find a solution to getting some awesome compression stats.

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I don’t put much stock in stories that say e-mail is dead for precisely this reason.

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Email marketing defiantly works to get me interested in purchasing a product.

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I despise legal disclaimers in email with a passion for the shear useless of them and waste of time and energy required in even seeing them.

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Do you even need to know that this was done by Apple to know only Apple cares that much to work on this?

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For all the hype other communication mediums get today, email is still the bulwark of online communication.

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Alaskan judge declares that state law does not require state business be conducted through official state email accounts.

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Specifically, this is another time in which I call out Republicans for their lack of attention to basic logic and understanding of facts. I received an email tonight from the RNC regarding Obama, Congress and the organization ACORN. In this …

Calling Something Factual, Doesn’t Make It Magically Factual Read More »

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