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Mailinator(tm) Blog – How Mailinator compresses email by 90%

A fun journey through algorithms to find a solution to getting some awesome compression stats.

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The Contactually Blog – E-mail is the Universal Platform

I don’t put much stock in stories that say e-mail is dead for precisely this reason.

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Campaign Monitor – Successfully building brand awareness with email marketing

Email marketing defiantly works to get me interested in purchasing a product.

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The Economist – Legal disclaimers: Spare us the e-mail yada-yada

I despise legal disclaimers in email with a passion for the shear useless of them and waste of time and energy required in even seeing them.

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The Invisible – How the iPhone mail app decides when to show you new mail

Do you even need to know that this was done by Apple to know only Apple cares that much to work on this?

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52 Weeks of UX – Email, the Glue of UX

For all the hype other communication mediums get today, email is still the bulwark of online communication.

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Ruling Backs Palin’s Use of Private E-Mail for State Work – NYTimes.com

Alaskan judge declares that state law does not require state business be conducted through official state email accounts.

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Calling Something Factual, Doesn’t Make It Magically Factual

Specifically, this is another time in which I call out Republicans for their lack of attention to basic logic and understanding of facts. I received an email tonight from the RNC regarding Obama, Congress and the organization ACORN. In this

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