22 Feb

TechCrunch – Yahoo Engineer Complains About Lack Of Innovation At Yahoo

Right now Flickr video does support HTML5, but apparently only if it detects you have an iPad. And while the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even IE9 are compatible with HTML5 (which does not require you to install a plugin to view video), people who want to watch Flickr videos without having to download Flash are out of luck. It’s enough to make a Technical Yahoo! go to Vimeo!

via TechCrunch – Yahoo Engineer Complains About Lack Of Innovation At Yahoo. What cruddy work Yahoo.

02 Jan

Thomas Hawk – Miami’s World Erotic Art Museum Fraudulently Uses the DMCA to Take Down Items in Their Collection From the Web

While this is troubling to me personally, I’m even more troubled by the precedent that it sets and am going to try and fight this takedown of my photos. While a museum may object to their work being shown online, misusing the DMCA by submitting a sworn statement under perjury that they own copyright on 100% of the items in their collection is an abuse of the DMCA. The DMCA is meant to give content creators (not physical content owners) an ability to remove their copyrighted work from the web. While a museum may own paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc. It generally speaking does not own copyright on these items. Copyright is generally retained by the original creator of a work. By taking down my entire set of images from the museum’s collection, they are asserting ownership of copyright that they do not have. The collection includes works by people like Picasso for example. I guarantee you the museum does not hold copyright over the Picasso in their collection.

via Thomas Hawk – Miami’s World Erotic Art Museum Fraudulently Uses the DMCA to Take Down Items in Their Collection From the Web. Another in a long list of DMCA abuses.

01 Jan

ASCII – Yahoo!locaust

All I can say, looking back, is that when history takes a look at the lives of Jerry Yang and David Filo, this is what it will probably say:

Two graduate students, intrigued by a growing wealth of material on the Internet, built a huge fucking lobster trap, absorbed as much of human history and creativity as they could, and destroyed all of it.

Great work, guys.

via ASCII – Yahoo!locaust. That sounds like the Yahoo we all hate.

18 Nov

Keep Lowering the Bar: On Everything

Want to become a successful candidate, business, tool, whatever – then keep lowering the bar towards people interacting with you. Companies that raise the bar towards interaction with the business and the people involved in the business will eventually fail. No matter how large you are, the people want and enjoy easy access. Even if they don’t consciously realize it they will go for the business that has a lower bar to buy from.

Apple’s first genuine hit was the Macintosh with a graphic user interface that made it easy for everybody to understand how to interact with a computer and see what was going on. What sparked Ebay’s first real success ease of access, selling was quick and painless. If you didn’t sell well who cared it was junk anyways. YouTube lowered the bar towards sharing videos online, Flickr photos, Google searching, Obama to donate and get involved, the list goes on and on. Why is MasterCard adding the ability to pay with out even pulling out your card, ease of access towards that card. The easier it is to use your MasterCard the more likely you are to use it.

As a business you should not create artificial barriers towards letting your users interact with your business/product. This means provide lots of free samples, make it easy to get in touch with you, make your web site easy to navigate and fun to use.

If you are a software company make you applications easy for your customers to get their hands on and use. Interfaces should be clean and easy to grasp. Limit preferences, most of the time the defaults are just fine, the more settings you have the more chances you have to confuse your customers. If a customer can’t grasp an interface the user doesn’t need to be educated the interface needs to change.

I don’t know if the bar can ever be low enough or if it ever is too low, but the lower you make the bar the more likely you are to attract people to your product (be it software, hardware, food, information, skill, or even yourself) means that many more potential customers.

Thanks to Matt Cutts for the inspiration of this post based on his review of the Google Voice Search iPhone App. Specifically “The easier/faster it is to search, the more I searched.”

10 Jun

Flickr Marketing

Why doesn’t Flickr go to weddings, high school graduations and the such and hand out free subscriptions to Flickr. Promote it exactly as the way to share all your photos with the relatives without having to email around a bunch of photos or hand out cds. This has to be the cheapest and best way to promote Flickr I can think of and I wonder why it isn’t done. Does Flickr do this already and I haven’t heard of it?