28 Feb

CSS-Tricks – Sans-Serif

Macs will get awesome Helvetica by default. On PC’s, even if they have Helvetica it can look worse than Arial for whatever reason, so this way they get Arial by default. And you’re still covered by the generic keyword. Shorter, easier, yay.

via CSS-Tricks – Sans-Serif. Instead of labeling every font, just list the generic font-family and you’re done.

19 Mar

Four Ways to Mix Fonts – Ask H&FJ

Is there a way to know what fonts will work together? Building a palette is an intuitive process, but expanding a typographic duet to three, four, or even five voices can be daunting. Here are four tips for navigating the typographic ocean, all built around H&FJ's Highly Scientific First Principle of Combining Fonts: keep one thing consistent, and let one thing vary.

via Ask H&FJ: Four Ways to Mix Fonts. An awesome resource for the print designers out there or the web designer willing to use custom fonts.

28 Jan

Real Fonts and Rendering: The New Elephant in the Room – 24 ways

For the fact is, even bulletproof and mo’ bulletproofer @font-face CSS syntax aren’t really bulletproof if we care about looks and legibility across browsers and platforms.

via 24 ways: Real Fonts and Rendering: The New Elephant in the Room.

For all the advances that have happened with regards to font rendering through the browser, it’s a long road to achieving what a print designer can do in five minutes. Someday we will be able to edit fonts and scale them up and down, and know that it will look the same on every computer, every device, every where, every time. That time is not today and probably not in the next few years.