14 Sep

Freedom to Tinker – NJ election cover-up

Based on all of the above, it is clear that the election at issue was defective and must be voided by the Court. While I do believe I have the authority to certify the Plaintiffs as the winners, I do not feel that this is the ideal result in this matter.

I do not know and may never know exactly why this election was defective. I have suspicions that something happened here that was improper and I even question whether something happened here that may have been criminal. And I strongly encourage the Attorney General to turn this over to the Attorney General Division of Criminal Justice, so that appropriate criminal investigators can conduct a full and complete investigation of this matter, to assure that criminality did not take place.

Although the Board of Elections and the Administrator maintain that human error was all that was involved here, for me to believe that I have to believe that three independent errors, human errors, occurred here, and that somewhat stretches my belief of common sense and reality, but it’s possible.

Accordingly, I am ordering a new election to be conducted on September 27, 2011.

via Freedom to Tinker – NJ election cover-up. Just plain scary a whole election result considered null and void, no idea what happened, who to blame or how to fix the problem.

02 Feb

Scottish Ruby Conference – Ticket Sales Close Monday 7 Feb, at the latest

The longer form is a tale of annyoyance and frustration with PayPal. This is the fourth year that we have run this conference, and every year PayPal have restricted our account. Each year they have asked for pretty much the same information and documents that they asked for the previous year. This time, we have decided that we are as mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore.

The situation is similar to the passenger revolts against the TSA in the USA: while we appreciate that PayPal have a duty to guard against fraud and money-laundering, their apparant lack of record-keeping leads us to conclude that they cannot be doing this effectively; it is hard to escape the conclusion that we are being picked on to provide Security Theatre for the financial authorities. We could bend over to be probed by PayPal again, but have decided to opt-out this year.

via Scottish Ruby Conference – Ticket Sales Close Monday 7 Feb, at the latest. PayPal has to be one of the worst payment processors for business it seems on the internet. One of the most widely used but one of the most frustrating it seems.