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O’Reilly Radar – The President’s challenge

The idea that we’ll be able to go back in time and make it harder for people to get digital information/media/anything is just wrong.

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Ars Technica – Newzbin2 builds block-averting measures into its software

Every time someone tries to prevent information from being reached on the Internet someone else finds a way around it.

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Fraser Speirs – A Supercomputer in Every Backpack

Same problem I’ve been thinking about for a long time, our education system is built for the jobs of the past not the jobs of the future.

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BBC News – Jihadists use mobiles as propaganda tools

What a stupid article, if it was the 1980’s we would all be as isolated as if it was the 1980’s.

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Miller-McCune – Book Banners Finding Power in Numbers

Banning a book or in reality knowledge has to be one of the worst decisions any person could make.

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CNET News – Congressman wants WikiLeaks listed as terrorist org

In short everybody has a reaction, overall mine is Wikileaks is a valuable service, in no way is it a terrorist organization.

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Seth’s Blog – Deliberately uninformed, relentlessly so [a rant]

Seth Godin pushing once again for an informed consumer.

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Riders on the Storm – NYTimes.com

One recent study claims that most people do not only listen/read content that they agree with.

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Greater Transparency Around Government Requests – Official Google Blog

Google now allows you to see how interested your country is in finding out or removing items from Google.

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Reputation Is Dead: It’s Time To Overlook Our Indiscretions – Techcrunch

The future of information leads to two things either we all stop caring about minor indiscretions or we hide everything.

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