27 Jul

bluesmoon – Handling Date/Times and timezones

  • Always store time in UTC
  • Convert to local time on display (local being defined by the user looking at the data)
  • When storing a timezone, you need the name, timestamp and the offset. This is required because governments sometimes change the meanings of their timezones (eg: the US govt changed DST dates), and your application needs to handle things gracefully… eg: The exact timestamp when episodes of LOST showed both before and after DST rules changed.

via bluesmoon – Handling Date/Times and timezones. The three basic rules of storing date/times in a web application.

24 Feb

Accent Folding for Auto-Complete – A List Apart

Accent Folding takes your application and lets it understand that cafe and café are the same word. It goes beyond just a mere language translation that most applications already have in place. It’s possible but be warned.

Be aware that there are a million caveats to accent rules. You will almost certainly get it wrong for somebody, somewhere. Nearly every alphabet has a few extra-special marks that do affect meaning, and, of course, non-Western alphabets have completely different rules.

via A List Apart: Articles: Accent Folding for Auto-Complete.