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Consumers ‘confused by copyright’ – BBC News

Most consumers don’t even have a basic understanding of copyright laws.

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2009 O’Reilly Ebook Revenue up 104% – Tools of Change for Publishing

O’Reilly Ebooks division made 104% more after dropping DRM.

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Blasphemy In Ireland

It is now crime to be blasphemous in Ireland, a ridiculous and silly law that should never exist anywhere.

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My response to Glen Beck’s silly “We surround them”

Glen Beck not too long ago did a silly little thing in which he posted a list of 9 statements and said that if you believe in them to send in a picture for him to do display them or

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Does a Law Matter If No One Follows It?

I read an interesting article about the Republic Windows & Doors factory shut down in the New York Times. The interesting part of the article was when the author talked about how the federal law designed to force companies to

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