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The Word of Notch – On Patents

Notch (the guy who started Minecraft) has a really good piece on why patents are a bad idea.

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ArsTechnica – High Orbits and Slowlorises: understanding the Anonymous attack tools

Fascinating look into both some of the tools Anonymous uses to launch it’s attacks and how it/they attempt to stay anonymous.

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TED.com – Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea)

Clay Shirky delivers a clear and cogent history and explanation of PIPA/SOPA, walking through through both the intent and what the ramifications of the bill and how it changes the entire legal system under which websites operate.

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O’Reilly Radar – The President’s challenge

The idea that we’ll be able to go back in time and make it harder for people to get digital information/media/anything is just wrong.

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ArsTechnica – Wikipedia to join reddit in SOPA blackout Wednesday

I’ll also be posting a message to protest and inform people about PIPA and SOPA, though I imagine Wikipedia will have a much larger influence.

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American Civil Liberties Union – It Was Close, But We Won: Viva Net Neutrality!

Yeah for Net Neutrality, boo for my State Senator being the one who introduced this resolution.

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Ars Technica – Verizon sues to halt FCC’s net neutrality rules

How about the uncertainty for businesses to know if next month they’ll have to pay fees to not have their sites arbitrarily slowed down?

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Ars Technica – Sanctioned: P2P lawyer fined $10,000 for “staggering chutzpah”

Seriously stupid and unethical moves by this lawyer.

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paidContent – More Bad News For Groupon: Sales Team Files Class-Action Suit

Obviously can’t speak to validity of this lawsuit but it wouldn’t shock me.

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Universal Hub – Court says state law used to ban recording of police officers in public is unconstitutional

I could not be happier with this ruling.

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