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Ars Technica – Does not compute: court says only hard math is patentable

The court seems to be trying to not rule against all software patents while acknowledging they are broken and need to be reformed.

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Yahoo! News – Armenia makes chess compulsory in schools

This seems like a cool idea, and I imagine would create students more skilled in critical thinking and logic, all good things.

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Huffington Post – U.S. House Ignores Internet Reality, Again

If it wasn’t so frustrating you have to almost admire Republicans ability to ignore their own experts or examples when legislating.

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Bad Astronomy – Next up for Congress: repeal the law of gravity

I’ve been trying thing of something to put here but can’t.

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VeriFone – VeriFone Releases Open Letter to the Industry and Consumers

Let me explain how easy it is to get this same information had you card over to a waiter like you do everywhere.

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We Won’t Fly – Homeland Security Trolling We Won’t Fly Blog

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security employees isn’t happy with We Won’t Fly.

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BBC News – Obama: ‘Nothing new’ in Wikileaks Afghan records leak

I can’t follow President Obama’s logic behind what exactly the Wikileaks documents on Afghanistan are exactly.

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BBC News – US border violence: Myth or reality?

BBC News gets into the act on discussing the myth behind the Texas/Mexico border being super violent.

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Skepticblog – The Reasonableness of Weird Things

People believe in irrational things because they accept the evidence for it, they just typically don’t access all of the evidence or the evidence that is more accurate.

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Riders on the Storm – NYTimes.com

One recent study claims that most people do not only listen/read content that they agree with.

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