30 Nov

NYTimes.com – Public Opinion on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Together, these trends reveal an important shift in attitudes on the service of gay men and lesbians in the military. When the policy was established, none of the three positions had majority support among Americans. Forty-four percent supported open service, 37 opposed any service, and 19 percent supported allowing gay men and lesbians to serve only if they did not reveal their sexual orientation. Today, one position has emerged as the clear preference of the majority of Americans. Seventy-five percent of Americans support open service, 17 oppose any service, and only 8 percent support the compromise position of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

via NYTimes.com – Public Opinion on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’. In addition:

Allowing gay troops to serve openly in the US military would carry only a low risk to fighting ability, a Pentagon study has found.

via BBC News – Pentagon study ‘backs allowing gays to serve openly. So the public supports allowing gays and lesbians to openly serve and now the military says there’s really nothing wrong with it.

15 Nov

Helium – Reflections: Being an atheist

You will not vote for me for public office, but you will let me fight your battles. You will not let me teach your children, but you will let me protect them. You will not listen when I speak, but expect me to hang on your every word. You will question my morality, call me a sinner or worse, but will not see moral hypocrisy or the sins of your people. You call me irresponsible, misguided, unaccountable, but you are wrong. I am accountable to the world I live in, and whether you see it or not … so are you.

via Helium – Reflections: Being an atheist. There are atheists in foxholes.

28 Jul

BBC News – Obama: ‘Nothing new’ in Wikileaks Afghan records leak

Barack Obama has said that the leaking of classified documents on the war in Afghanistan is a concern, but that it had not revealed any new information.

In his first public reaction to the leak, the US president said the data justified his decision to overhaul the US military strategy in Afghanistan.

via BBC News – Obama: ‘Nothing new’ in Wikileaks Afghan records leak. Wait a minute, it’s three things at once, a security concern, no new information and allows the public to have a justification for a past decision? Anybody follow the logic behind all of those?