27 Sep

binary/organic – Fight Google or Use their Services: Pick One, not Both

Almost all of the companies that make up the fair search alliance, I should note, are incredibly well indexed in Google itself. I’m Googling as I type, and you should get similar results, but obviously your mileage may vary. Googling flight search displays kayak.com (a fairsearch company) as #1. Google.com/flights is #2. Googling hotel search reveals Travelocity, Expedia and Kayak in 4 of the top 5 slots (all of them are fairsearch companies). And finally, Googling the word search shows Bing as #1 (again, a fairsearch company).

I think it’s fairly obvious that the folks that built the fairsearch.org site are relying on Google’s webmaster resources because they’re good. And I’d be willing to place a sizeable bet that Kayak or Travelocity or any of the other sales-based fair search companies (sorry, Bing) get the vast majority of their non-paid search traffic from Google’s organic search results. Maybe somebody at one of those companies can share me on their Google Analytics to prove me wrong.

via binary/organic – Fight Google or Use their Services: Pick One, not Both. Google is so awesome the people complaining about Google are using Google to do their complaining.

07 Feb

Hasbro Introduces MONOPOLY: Revolution Edition – TRENDY GADGET

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of MONOPOLY, Hasbro introduces MONOPOLY: Revolution Edition, which reinvents the traditional game board with a new look, featuring a round game board, standout packaging, electronic banking, music and sound effects.

via Hasbro Introduces MONOPOLY: Revolution Edition | TRENDY GADGET. I want to pick this up, the design looks awesome. It looks like it would be much easier for how people really play. Set the board in the middle of a dining room table with people all around the board as opposed to only 2-4 people playing around a small game table.