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Reason Magazine – Room for Disagreement on Gay Marriage

Turnabout is so unfair.

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Newsweek – Estimates Say Fewer Jobs, Larger Deficits if Republicans Were in Charge

Newsweek reports on the idea that if only Republicans were in charge would things be better.

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Rolling Stone Politics – BP’s Next Disaster

BP next plans to start a drilling project in Alaska that is outside of normal engineering possibilities, anybody hear alarm bells?

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NYTimes.com – On Border Violence, Truth Pales Compared to Ideas

Violent crime rates have fallen while advocates for more stringent action on illegal immigration claim crime is on the increase.

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U.S. Declassifies Part of Secret Cybersecurity Plan – Wired.com

The Obama administration has declassified parts of the national cybersecurity plan.

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Science and Politics, Like Oil and Water

One of my personal biggest pet peeves with regards to the current political system in America, and for that matter a large and vast number of society is how few people actually use evidence to back up their position. Rather

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Keep Lowering the Bar: On Everything

Want to become a successful candidate, business, tool, whatever – then keep lowering the bar towards people interacting with you. Companies that raise the bar towards interaction with the business and the people involved in the business will eventually fail.

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This Republican Party Bothers Me

(I am a registered independent and my views align with the Libertarian, Republican, and Democratic Parties, yes, all at once. I consider myself a social libertarian, something I conjured up on my own to explain my views, which are too

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Abortion Should Be Rare

Feministing has a post up today regarding abortion and the Democrats new platform (PDF warning) for the 2008 election. The whole of the article essentially focuses on how “safe, legal and rare” has become “safe and legal”. My main area

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Is It Wrong To Be Enthusiastic Over A Politician

A recent McCain political ad, emded here from John McCain’s YouTube channel. The ad compares Obama to Paris Hilton (I learned writing this post, that Paris Hilton has a website.) and Britney Spears and asks that just because someone has a lot of

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