30 Apr

How To Make Your Open Source Project Really Awesome

If you plan on releasing a library as open source, please make sure it has

  • Clear dependency/installation instructions
  • At least one brief documentation guide
  • A change log and tags in the repo
  • Some information about supported language/runtime/tool versions and project maturity
  • A mailing list where users can ask questions and help each other

Doing anything less than this will cause some of your users grief and anger. And likely some wasted time.

Nice suggestions on improving open source projects and making them actually useful to more people than just yourself.

28 Dec

The Kernel – The golden age of the developer

There’s never been a better time to be a developer. Thanks to an unprecedented range of open-source software, learning resources and useful web services at our disposal, we can learn new languages, get help, collaborate with others and, if our ideas win traction, there’s now a multitude of investors waiting in the wings to help us build companies around our products.

This is not to say that our work is easy. Standards must remain high. But the resources available offer us the opportunity to move faster and make even more progress. The nature of innovation means that many of our ideas will not succeed, making determination vital for seeing ideas through. But the opportunity is here, my friends. We are the kingmakers.

The good news is that this golden age has made you the developer you are and will continue to help you. The even better news is that you have the chance now to, in the slightly emetic language of the Valley, “pay it forward”.

via The Kernel – The golden age of the developer. I’m trying to do more of this moving forward even in little bits and pieces I think help me stand out as a developer and it’s good to help the community which provides the basis of so much of my daily income (CakePHP, jQuery, etc).

30 Mar

When Using Open Source Makes You an Enemy of the State – guardian.co.uk

Let's forget that the statement ignores the fact that there are plenty of businesses built on the OSS model (RedHat, WordPress, Canonical for starters). But beyond that, it seems astonishing to me that anyone should imply that simply recommending open source products – products that can be more easily tailored without infringing licensing rules – “undermines” anything.

via When using open source makes you an enemy of the state | Technology | guardian.co.uk. Cory Doctorow tries to make sense of a loss in logic by the IIPA.

02 Jan

Modern Thoughts On Open Source

All this points to one thing: Open source is an infrastructure. Just like the roads in the city that automobile manufacturers are interested in, software companies want access to existing infrastructure to build their own products upon and make money, instead of having to re-invent the wheel everytime. It’s a win-win situation for all companies. Paying Microsoft to get Windows to support their products can be an expensive affair. So making an operating system a commodity is in everyone’s interests (well, except Microsoft’s). The web browser is another example of a commodity today. Everyone’s interested in a good, conformant, open platform on which to develop their web applications on.

via Modern thoughts on open source | Artagnon’s Presence.