26 Sep

Ars Technica – Hackers turn MySQL.com into malware launchpad

Web security firm Armorize reported in its blog today that the MySQL.com website has been turned into a launchpad for serving up malware attacks. Visitors to the home page of the site are hit with a JavaScript injection attack that has been planted on the site. The script opens an IFRAME to a malicious site, which in turn launches a BlackHole exploit "pack" that probes for known browser and plugin weaknesses and then stealthily installs malware on the visitor’s PC. There’s no warning button or action required by the user other than visiting the site to trigger the download.

via Ars Technica – Hackers turn MySQL.com into malware launchpad. What the heck is Oracle doing with MySQL? Also, how long would you keep trusting Oracle software with this kind of security failing.

02 Sep

ongoing – A Story of O

“You don’t get it. The central relationship between Oracle and its customers is a business relationship, between an Oracle business expert and a customer business leader. The issues that come up in their conversations are business issues.

“The concerns of developers are just not material at the level of that conversation; in fact, they’re apt to be dangerous distractions. ‘Developer mindshare’… what’s that, and why would Oracle care?”

via ongoing – A Story of O. Who needs to influence the developers implementing your solutions instead just use get the managers in charge to force a decision. Why make the people on the front lines of your product happy? Because it wins may more accolades and a greater push from the developer community for that solution and that changes the industry as a whole over time. Think of Google, Apple and Mozilla, even Microsoft on occasion. Overall Google and Mozilla win my by miles at winning the “hearts and minds” of developers and they are richly rewarded in-return.

14 Aug

ITworld – Friday the 13th, Part II: Oracle Officially Ends OpenSolaris

Well, Oracle seems determined to make this a memorable Friday the 13th. Just as the open source community reels from the impact of an Oracle lawsuit against Google for alleged Java patent infringements, it has now been revealed that Oracle has internally killed OpenSolaris.

via ITworld – Friday the 13th, Part II: Oracle Officially Ends OpenSolaris. Oracle seems determined to destroy any and all of the good things that Sun accomplished.

12 Aug

MarketWatch – Oracle sues Google over intellectual property

Oracle Corp. filed a lawsuit against Google Inc. on Thursday, alleging that the Internet search giant has infringed on intellectual property related to the Java software that Oracle acquired when it purchased Sun Microsystems Inc.

via MarketWatch – Oracle sues Google over intellectual property. I don’t which to think that Oracle is just insane or stupid.