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  • Bits, Features, and Truth – Rands In Repose

    Rands on redefining the common argument between time, quality and features with what really needs to be considered, the bits, features and the truth.

  • I Hoped You Would Fail

    melgray: I sat there spinning in my desk chair grinning like an idiot with one of my fellow devs when he let it slip: “I hoped you would fail”. He even threw up a little fist jab as if to gesture, “hip hip hooray”.

  • Travel Day

    Today I’m in DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) for work, and I have a bunch of thoughts running through my head about different things, so this is a post without any real clear topic, but more of a ramble of what’s going on in my head tonight. I need to do a post about the election and […]