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Wired – How Online Companies Get You to Share More and Spend More

Always neat seeing psychology at play especially with companies that excel at it.

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Seth’s Blog – The limits of evidence-based marketing

I know this to be true, that evidence doesn’t tend to change people’s opinion on a subject, but darn it, evidence really should change people’s understanding of a subject.

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Twitter / @rands: If you want to better unde …

Too true.

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UX Myths – Myth #29: People are rational

The post is an awesome read and ends with a nice list of books to read to explore the subject further.

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A Psychologist Steeped in Treatment of Sexually Active Priests – NYTimes.com

A secular therapist provides his insight into the Catholic sex offender scandal.

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Geek Behaviors Present During Conversations – Philip Guo

Geek behaviors during communication.

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Scientists say dolphins should be treated as ‘non-human persons’ – Times Online

Dolphins are now considered the second most intelligent animal.

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One isn’t Many and Many isn’t All

One of the arguments that I hear for why people express an -ism belief (racism, sexism, ageism, etc), is that they had this experience with this one person and you know that must be how everyone of that particular group

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The Rise of the Generalist

Recently Steve Rubel posted about What’s the Future Like for a “Renaissance Man” in a Connected World?. In this post he discuses how even though we would think that with the internet an individual could have broad knowledge about the

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Stereotypes: Will they ever go away?

An idea that has been discussed on and off again in my history class (History of Women in America) is what would happen if some how every living person on the face of the earth did not have any stereotypes

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