27 Sep

binary/organic – Fight Google or Use their Services: Pick One, not Both

Almost all of the companies that make up the fair search alliance, I should note, are incredibly well indexed in Google itself. I’m Googling as I type, and you should get similar results, but obviously your mileage may vary. Googling flight search displays kayak.com (a fairsearch company) as #1. Google.com/flights is #2. Googling hotel search reveals Travelocity, Expedia and Kayak in 4 of the top 5 slots (all of them are fairsearch companies). And finally, Googling the word search shows Bing as #1 (again, a fairsearch company).

I think it’s fairly obvious that the folks that built the fairsearch.org site are relying on Google’s webmaster resources because they’re good. And I’d be willing to place a sizeable bet that Kayak or Travelocity or any of the other sales-based fair search companies (sorry, Bing) get the vast majority of their non-paid search traffic from Google’s organic search results. Maybe somebody at one of those companies can share me on their Google Analytics to prove me wrong.

via binary/organic – Fight Google or Use their Services: Pick One, not Both. Google is so awesome the people complaining about Google are using Google to do their complaining.

10 Sep

SiliconFilter – Bing: What’s More Evil Than Satan Himself? 10^100

Besides the new definition for “hiybbprqag,” Arnt also found that Bing now defines the search for “more evil than satan himself” as 10^100 – a Googol, the word the Google founders used as the basis of their company’s name.

via SiliconFilter – Bing: What’s More Evil Than Satan Himself? 10^100. Stay classy Microsoft.

02 Sep

Official Google Blog – A fall spring-clean

Technology improves, people’s needs change, some bets pay off and others don’t. So, as Larry previewed on our last earnings call, today we’re having a fall spring-clean at Google.

Over the next few months we’ll be shutting down a number of products and merging others into existing products as features. The list is below. This will make things much simpler for our users, improving the overall Google experience. It will also mean we can devote more resources to high impact products—the ones that improve the lives of billions of people. All the Googlers working on these projects will be moved over to higher-impact products. As for our users, we’ll communicate directly with them as we make these changes, giving sufficient time to make the transition and enabling them to take their data with them.

via Official Google Blog – A fall spring-clean. One of the highlights of the Larry Page Google is a much more focused Google, both in products and direction.