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Mailinator(tm) Blog – How Mailinator compresses email by 90%

A fun journey through algorithms to find a solution to getting some awesome compression stats.

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Backups, Automated and Off Site

One of the biggest issues in running a server is making sure if everything disappears you can be up and running as quickly as possible. So how do I do it?

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Incubaid Research – Rediscovering the RSync Algorithm

The right way to synch two remote file systems.

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Apple Outsider – Hollywood Still Hates You

It bears repeating, the vast majority of piracy is people just trying to get content the easiest way.

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Michael Tsai – PDFpen and iCloud

My largest long-term fear of OSX is that Apple will slowly turn off the ability for applications to be useful without using the App Store and thus some Apps may just not exist anymore (SuperDuper is the easy example).

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inessential.com – Fantastical and language detection

That is practically the definition of great software, causing your users delight in the everyday workings.

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Mike’s Lookout – SPDY of the Future Might Blow Your Mind Today

The pictures provide a really good sense of what is going on.

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The Kernel – The golden age of the developer

I’m trying to do more of this moving forward even in little bits and pieces I think help me stand out as a developer and it’s good to help the community which provides the basis of so much of my daily income (CakePHP, jQuery, etc).

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The Year of C.E.O. Failures Explained – NYTimes.com

However, business schools seem to create an environment that rewards not making happy customers, not doing the ethical thing, not doing the thing that protects the environment down the road.

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Ars Technica – Google Earth, other mobile apps leave door open for scripting attacks

Oops, just because it doesn’t look like a browser doesn’t mean it doesn’t suffer the same security holes.

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