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Forbes – Transocean Execs Get Bonuses after ‘Best Year in Safety,’ Despite Gulf Oil Disaster

So the question must be asked how many employees die and how many environmental catastrophes are created in a bad year for safety?

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Bad Astronomy – Next up for Congress: repeal the law of gravity

I’ve been trying thing of something to put here but can’t.

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VeriFone – VeriFone Releases Open Letter to the Industry and Consumers

Let me explain how easy it is to get this same information had you card over to a waiter like you do everywhere.

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Forbes – The Real Lessons Of Gawker’s Security Mess

Basically whatever bad/stupid thing Gawker could have done they did including ignoring the problem.

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Brooklyn DA clears ACORN in video scandal – Feministing

Acorn is cleared of all charges relating to the infamous pimp video.

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iPhone developers angry as Apple purges adult apps – BBC News

Apple throws out apps from certain companies that are considered too sexy.

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Sarah Palin crib notes mocked by White House aide – BBC News

Politics sometimes gets to be petty.

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My response to Glen Beck’s silly “We surround them”

Glen Beck not too long ago did a silly little thing in which he posted a list of 9 statements and said that if you believe in them to send in a picture for him to do display them or

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The Complex Made Simple

For work, I had a piece of code that needed to calculate if a certain date fell in between two other days. So I started out writing out this big long function to calculate if a date fell first within

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