26 Aug

QuirksBlog – Twelve steps for saving webOS

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of webOS, and have decided it does have one, maybe even a glorious one, provided the new owner or licensee reaches out to web developers, as Palm should have done back in 2009.

So here are twelve steps the new owner should take in order to get webOS to thrive.

via QuirksBlog – Twelve steps for saving webOS. Pretty good plan to take a webOS into a top tier platform for developers, though not much to get in the hands of consumers which would beat every other factor and practically guarantee bringing developers.

28 Feb

Cocoia Blog – Getting Notified

This is not a post about what Apple will or should do to improve notifications on iOS. It’s a post talking about what solutions other platforms currently use to notify the user, and why Apple is (possibly, probably) taking such a while to create an optimal solution to the notification problem.

via Cocoia Blog – Getting Notified. Interesting seeing how other mobile OS’es implement notifications.