22 Feb

TechCrunch – Yahoo Engineer Complains About Lack Of Innovation At Yahoo

Right now Flickr video does support HTML5, but apparently only if it detects you have an iPad. And while the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even IE9 are compatible with HTML5 (which does not require you to install a plugin to view video), people who want to watch Flickr videos without having to download Flash are out of luck. It’s enough to make a Technical Yahoo! go to Vimeo!

via TechCrunch – Yahoo Engineer Complains About Lack Of Innovation At Yahoo. What cruddy work Yahoo.

09 Feb

41Latitude – Google Maps & Label Readability — Part 3

While my December investigation uncovered the reasons behind Google Maps’s superior label readability, it did little to explain why Google Maps’s cities actually seem to “pop” from the maps. Different label classes, bright white outlines, and the decluttering of cities outside of major metro areas all account for Google’s superior label readability—but they fail to explain why cities seem to “stand out just a little sooner” on Google Maps.

I’ve long suspected that there was something else at work on Google’s maps, but I haven’t been able to put my finger on it… that is, until now. In retrospect, my December investigation was so fixated on text labels, that I missed something big… something really big. And it has nothing to do with text.

via 41Latitude – Google Maps & Label Readability — Part 3. Interesting in how little things add up to really improve your experience.

13 Jan

Official Google Blog – World IPv6 Day: firing up the engines on the new Internet protocol

On World IPv6 Day, we’ll be taking the next big step. Together with major web companies such as Facebook and Yahoo!, we will enable IPv6 on our main websites for 24 hours. This is a crucial phase in the transition, because while IPv6 is widely deployed in many networks, it’s never been used at such a large scale before. We hope that by working together with a common focus, we can help the industry prepare for the new protocol, find and resolve any unexpected issues, and pave the way for global deployment.

The good news is that Internet users don’t need to do anything special to prepare for World IPv6 Day. Our current measurements suggest that the vast majority (99.95%) of users will be unaffected. However, in rare cases, users may experience connectivity problems, often due to misconfigured or misbehaving home network devices. Over the coming months we will be working with application developers, operating system vendors and network device manufacturers to further minimize the impact and provide testing tools and advice for users.

via Official Google Blog – World IPv6 Day: firing up the engines on the new Internet protocol. I’m not sure this will do much but it sure would be nice for ISP’s to start supporting IPv6. You should test if you network (from the ISP level down to your computer itself) is capable of reaching IPv6 sites. Though for this upcoming test by the sites, as long as you can reach sites that have a Dual Stack DNS record (ie. sites that have both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS records) you’ll be fine.

11 Jan

Electronic Frontier Foundation – EFF Calls for Immediate Action to Defend Tunisian Activists Against Government Cyberattacks

Demonstrations and protests over unemployment and poor living conditions have been ongoing in Tunisia since the beginning of December, but last week the Tunisian government turned up the heat on bloggers, activists, and dissidents by launching a JavaScript injection attack that siphoned off the usernames and passwords of Tunsians logging in to Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. The Tunisian government has used these stolen credentials to log in to Tunisians’ email and Facebook accounts, presumably downloading their messages, emails, and social graphs for further analysis, and then deleting the accounts entirely.

via Electronic Frontier Foundation – EFF Calls for Immediate Action to Defend Tunisian Activists Against Government Cyberattacks. Umm, wow, glad I don’t live in Tunsia.

02 Jan

Thomas Hawk – Miami’s World Erotic Art Museum Fraudulently Uses the DMCA to Take Down Items in Their Collection From the Web

While this is troubling to me personally, I’m even more troubled by the precedent that it sets and am going to try and fight this takedown of my photos. While a museum may object to their work being shown online, misusing the DMCA by submitting a sworn statement under perjury that they own copyright on 100% of the items in their collection is an abuse of the DMCA. The DMCA is meant to give content creators (not physical content owners) an ability to remove their copyrighted work from the web. While a museum may own paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc. It generally speaking does not own copyright on these items. Copyright is generally retained by the original creator of a work. By taking down my entire set of images from the museum’s collection, they are asserting ownership of copyright that they do not have. The collection includes works by people like Picasso for example. I guarantee you the museum does not hold copyright over the Picasso in their collection.

via Thomas Hawk – Miami’s World Erotic Art Museum Fraudulently Uses the DMCA to Take Down Items in Their Collection From the Web. Another in a long list of DMCA abuses.

01 Jan

ASCII – Yahoo!locaust

All I can say, looking back, is that when history takes a look at the lives of Jerry Yang and David Filo, this is what it will probably say:

Two graduate students, intrigued by a growing wealth of material on the Internet, built a huge fucking lobster trap, absorbed as much of human history and creativity as they could, and destroyed all of it.

Great work, guys.

via ASCII – Yahoo!locaust. That sounds like the Yahoo we all hate.

10 Apr

Daily Links April 9th, 2008

Lots of news from Yahoo in it’s efforts to fight off the takeover offer from Microsoft.

All of this is big news as Yahoo looks to fight to stay independent from Microsoft. Yahoo envisions it as a bad deal for Yahoo and personally I agree with that. I think Microsoft’s and Yahoo’s culture are too different to work well together.

Here is a good and reasonable mix if you are looking to set up investment accounts. (I really like Vanguard for investing, the fees are very low and their investments do really well. However I personally use Sharebuilder, because ING Direct is my main bank.)

In the 1990’s the rich got richer, while the middle and poor class stagnated or even fell behind in their incomne level, reported via CNN.

Techcrunch built a quicke app on Google AppEngine and share their experince.

Adobe released the Adobe Media Player, really nice looking app and the quality of video looks really nice. It already has both video podcasts as well as some tv shows, evuntally Comdey Central Shows including The Daily Show will be in the player. You will be able to download each new episode directly to your pc.

There is some of the more interesting stuff I found today surfing the web, till tomorrow.